[Infographic] The Perfect First Minute: Chris Smith’s Advanced Lead Conversion

HDC-Smith-Inforgraphic-BlogIt’s go time. You’ve got a new online lead alert on your phone and the clock is ticking: you have to get them on the line. How do you go from that initial “lead alert” to a serious conversation about buying or selling a home? Chris Smith lays it all out in his new bestselling book, The Conversion Code. This infographic outlines the perfect first minute. Want to catch the whole story? Chris Smith and Homes.com are coming to a city near you. For a list of upcoming cities and dates, visit Secretslive.events. Continue reading

The Calling, Sorting, Faxing, Filing, Mailing, Marketing, Best Results in Your Office, so That You Can Sell More Homes, Admins

HDC-Blog-Post---Admin-Pro-Day-2450Do you find yourself overwhelmed with phone calls, emails, marketing, scheduling, and data input? Do you wish you had more time to focus on helping people buy and sell real estate? If so, it may be time to consider hiring an administrative professional. Continue reading

Show Some Local Love: 5 Ways to Be the Local Expert

HDC-Local-Love-Blog-2444You’ve probably heard the maxim, “be the local expert,” but how do you do that? If you genuinely love your area, you’re already ahead of your competition. Let your passion about the parks, schools, and local events show! Here are five ways to share your passion and grow your reputation as the local expert. Continue reading

Can You Deduct That? 7 Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions

HDC-Tax-Day-Blog-2435Most of the time being your own boss is amazing, but come April, it can be easy to start weighing the pros and cons of a salaried position. All those commissions and expenses you racked up over the year need to be gathered, tallied, and taxed. On the plus side, as a small business owner, you only pay taxes on your net income. So, check with your accountant to make sure you’re getting all your eligible deductions, but here are some examples to start you off. Continue reading

Didn’t Download the Top 10 Apps of 2016? Maybe You Don’t Need to…

HDC-Leverage-Tech-Blog-2434Here you are, stranded on a tropical island: just you, your phone, and dozens of people looking to you to sell them island homes. Despite getting drenched during your swim to shore, your phone is miraculously still working! Tragically, none of those amazing apps you downloaded survived. You’re left with what is essentially the factory default model. Despite this, there are still a lot of ways you can use your phone to help you sell real estate to those stranded with you. Continue reading