Create the Perfect Real Estate Video with Your iPad

Michael Krisa, licensed real estate broker and freelance Internet marketing consultant, believes that real estate professionals are missing out on a great opportunity by not taking advantage of their iPad and its video possibilities. During’s Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, “iPad Video Made Simple: Pinch, Zoom and Swipe Your Way to Profit!” Krisa stresses the importance of real estate professionals using the iPad to showcase their listings and communities with awesome real estate videos.

According to Krisa, agents and brokers who do not use the all-in-one studio applications of the iPad are essentially buying a Porsche and leaving it in the driveway, using it just to listen to the radio. Eighty-five percent of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video (invodo), making videos an essential part of any marketing plan.

“You can shoot with some simple apps and create high-quality videos, edit them and upload them directly to the web,” Krisa says. “When people watch videos, the subject is perceived as an authority. If you can articulate, you can be seen as an expert in your niche.” Continue reading

The “Secret Sauce” to Great Real Estate Videos- Part 1: Creating A Plan

Creating and sharing quality videos is a great way for real estate professionals to drive more traffic to their website, increase brand exposure, and better showcase property listings. In fact, 85 percent of users say they are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video (ComScore).

Joe Sesso, National Speaker and edutainer, has had success in creating videos to promote his own business and he shares this expertise during his “How to Leverage Video Marketing for Real Estate: How to Make & Use Videos That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust” presentation from NAR 2013. Continue reading

3 Ways to Get YouTube Videos in Front of Millions of Potential Viewers

If you have jumped on the video marketing bandwagon and already have several great videos on your YouTube channel then we have three great ways for you to leverage your video content on including a how-to video to help you get started.

1. Promote it on your Profile

The first thing you should do is connect your YouTube channel to your “MyHomes” profile. We allow you to not only add a link to your YouTube channel, but you can actually embed a video to feature right on your profile page – no HTML code necessary. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Real Estate Videos

Innovations in technology along with our ever increasing on-the-go lifestyle, has shifted real estate marketing away from traditional practices toward an online approach with more visual stimulation including video. Among all of the online tactics used by marketers, videos are proving to be the most valuable way to reach home seekers. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) [1], 86 percent of home shoppers’ research videos to find out more about a specific community and 65 percent of YouTube videos posted by real estate professionals are able to pull leads [2]. While video production may seem intimidating, breaks it down to basics so that you’ll be video superstar in no time.

1. DO research and download some apps.  Yes, there is an app for that! First of all, you need equipment to record this masterpiece.  You don’t need to Continue reading