Your About Page is About More than Your Real Estate Career

HDC_About_Pages_Blog_2647_1200x600.jpgIn the wild, animals use bright feathers, beautiful songs, or even dances to attract. Unfortunately, launching into a lead generation ballad or capitalizing on rusty tap dance skills isn’t a viable lead generating strategy for most agents. Instead, agents must rely on the power of their website’s “about” page to demonstrate their compatibility and desirability to buyers and sellers. Discover how you can optimize your about page’s effectiveness with these tips! Continue reading

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Tips from an Agent with a Money Making Website [FREE PODCAST]
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It’s generally acknowledged that real estate agents need a website, but what does it take to get value from your site? We sat down with Marguerite Giguere, creator of the successful real estate website, in a recent Secrets Unplugged podcast to find out what it takes to build a real estate website that is a real asset to your business. Continue reading

How to Start a Real Estate Blog in 5 Easy Steps

HDC-Blog-Post---How-to-Write-a-Blog-2466One of North Florida’s most popular swimming holes is a chilly seventy degrees year round, and while there’s always a throng of people on the diving platform waiting for their turn to leap into the water, it’s very rare to see a dry person waiting to leap in. Most newly arrived swimmers wade in slowly, step by step, hip deep before plunging under the water.

Similarly, finding a real estate agent is not a commitment most buyers or sellers are willing to dive right into. Most spend weeks or months searching online before they reach out to an agent. That’s where your blog comes into play. It helps buyers and sellers test the waters by proactively finding answers to questions they may have about the market, how the home buying and selling process works, and the benefits of the different housing options in your market. How can you be sure you’re connecting with these potential clients? Here are five steps to help get your blog up and running! Continue reading