Show Some Local Love: 5 Ways to Be the Local Expert

HDC-Local-Love-Blog-2444You’ve probably heard the maxim, “be the local expert,” but how do you do that? If you genuinely love your area, you’re already ahead of your competition. Let your passion about the parks, schools, and local events show! Here are five ways to share your passion and grow your reputation as the local expert. Continue reading

Chris Smith’s Landing Page Tips to Help You Generate More Leads

HDC-Smith-Landing-Page-Blog-2416Real estate is a tough job, but there are a lot of things to love about it. You’re your own boss, you get to meet new people, set your own schedule, and have the satisfaction of helping people through their largest transactions. However, these great perks don’t really kick in until you’ve got some leads. At NAR San Diego, Chris Smith gave a talk about online lead generation and credits landing pages as a major contributor to a successful lead generation strategy. Continue reading

These Simple Website Changes Can Earn You Better Results

HDC-Menu-Builder-Blog-2413As a real estate agents, you wear a lot of different hats. At some point you’ll probably find yourself working as a marketer, sales representative, counselor, financial adviser, photographer, landscaper, and as much as you may hate to hear it, a web developer. Now, I realize that you aren’t actually a web developer, and that’s perfectly fine. When you order your website from, it’s pretty much ready to use; all you have to do is connect your MLS’s IDX and a custom domain name. But…if you want a fantastic, amazing, customized website, you’ll need to do just a bit more, and we’re here to help. Here are three ways to enhance your website’s menu. Continue reading

The RIGHT Way to Build Your SEO

HDC-Impostance-of-SEO-Blog-2355Is your website’s SEO based on meta keyword tags, reciprocal linking, and other 2005 tactics? Are you surprised that you’re not getting the results you expected?

Stuffing your website with keyword infused verbiage used to be the best way to rank on search engines. However, SEO best practices are constantly evolving and the techniques that worked in the past need to be continually updated to get the best results. Continue reading

The Mobilegeddon Effect

Websites that hadn’t been optimized for mobile use had an average organic traffic decline of 5%.The dust has settled and the panic is over. It’s been four months since Google’s Mobilegeddon, and many are starting to think the mobile-hype was exaggerated. While this may be partially true, now that the rubble has been cleared, it’s a good time to check in on the aftermath.

In a recent Hubspot blog, the company analyzed 15,000 of their customers’ websites to determine how each was affected by Google’s Mobilegeddon. They found that websites that hadn’t been optimized for mobile use had an average organic traffic decline of 5 percent, while mobile-optimized sites lost only 0.5 percent (likely due to seasonal traffic changes). While that may not seem like catastrophic decline, businesses who work to bolster their site’s search ranking and conversion rates will find that this translates to a large number of leads lost each month. This is especially true when considering that, if your organic search traffic has declined, so has your Google search rank.

So, what can you do? Here are four tips to help you keep the traffic you’ve been working for. Continue reading