Free Webinar With Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran, April 4

Barbara Corcoran is the ultimate success story in real estate.

She was a Realtor who wanted to start her own brokerage firm in Manhattan, New York. She borrowed $1,000 to start the company and eventually turned it into Manhattan’s largest and most successful real estate company. She then sold the company for millions and is now the star of ABC’s Shark Tank and the real estate contributor for NBC’s Today ShowNow you can listen to her live for free on Wednesday, April 4, where she will be the special guest on The Secrets of Top Selling Agents Webinar. (Register Here)

Barbara Corcoran Will be the Special Guest on Secrets of Top Selling Agents

If you want to learn about being a top agent or a real estate entrepreneur, you need to listen to Barbara Corcoran. She is the queen of real estate and knows what it takes to make it in any real estate market. As an NBC real estate contributor, she is still very attuned to what’s going on in the real estate and mortgage market. With Shark Tank, her job is to listen to up and coming entrepreneurs who pitch her their business plans. She knows what works and what doesn’t in business.

Barbara will be headlining the program on April 4 at 1 P.M. EST. She will be sharing her insights on branding, marketing and what it takes to be a top selling agent in today’s market. The cost to hear Barbara is free! To register for this special webinar, go to and sign up. Space is limited, so don’t wait to sign up! Continue reading

3 Easy Steps To Maximizing (and Preserving) Your Online Profile


How much do you value your reputation online? Most agents would say they greatly value their reputation, but what can Real Estate Pros do when a bad review is posted of your service?

It’s a common trend, that people are more likely to post bad reviews when they are unhappy with the service/product  they were provided. The same goes for Real Estate Professionals. If you do a great job, people will refer you, but will they go out of their way to Yelp about you? Probably not. On the flip side, what if they were upset with your service. Do you think they might post bad reviews on every site they can find? Maybe.

Online reputation management is a serious business that can make or break an agent or  firm.  Now the question is, what can you do to maximize your profile online and minimize bad reviews? A new product by just may be able to help. It’s called Search Impact, and it has a proven, three-step process to maximizing your visibility online while minimizing the effects of negative reviews. Here is an overview of what Search Impact can do for you:

Step 1: Reputation Management: Your reputation is everything in the real estate business. If you’re labeled as a bad or unethical agent, it will cause serious damage to your business, growth and reputation. Here are some statistics from the National Association of Realtors:

  1. 70% of consumers trust online recommendations and business reviews
  2. 87% of buyers would probably recommend their agent to friends
  3. Reputation was the 2nd most important factor when choosing an agent

How do you build your online reputation? Continue reading

Chat LIVE with Jeremy Rivera our Online Reputation Expert FEB 16 1 pm EST

Homes Connect is on Facebook and if you aren’t a fan we have a good reason why you should be! Jeremy Rivera Homes Connect Product Manager AND our very own reputation and visibility EXPERT is going to be chatting live on our Facebook page next week. Yes, February 16th is the day and 1:00 pm EST is the time so mark your calendars This chat is going to be the start of many you aren’t going to want to miss.

You may be wondering what is online reputation and why should I be worried about my visibility? Well, that is what Jeremy is here for, but time is limited we only have 30 minutes of live Q&A. We have provided some example questions and answers below so you can start brainstorming some other concerns you may have about this topic. Did you know that offers Search Impact to agents that directly assists professionals in this area? Read more about it here and maybe Jeremy can even address some questions about this!

Jeremy is eager to reach out and speak to our blog readers, facebook fans, customers, and all of you Real Estate professionals LIVE – we hope you are too! Join this chat Febuary 16th at 1pm EST LIVE on Facebook!

See first hand the start of live interaction with real professionals in the industry. Who would you want to chat with and what topics you want to chat about in the future? You are our support and we support you. always wants to provide you with the content you want, so here is your chance to speak out and tell us – what do you want to hear about? Comment below!

Chat with our Online Repuation Expert!Chat live with Jeremy about your Reputation and Visibility Online. He is the Expert at and we want to share him with you! Below are some example questions and answers along with more topics that can be discussed with your initiated questions. Thanks again for your support and remember we will listen, so keep telling us exactly what you want to succeed! Continue reading