Free Webinars from Top Real Estate Pros to Prepare for 2017

SOTSA_Promo_Blog_2631_1200x600.jpgWhat will your New Year’s resolution be this year? Perhaps you intend to cut back on unnecessary spending, win 15% more conversions, or reach a certain number of transaction sides in 2017. Regardless of your goals for the new year, now is the time to think about how to achieve them. However, before you start planning it’s important to look back over past years for valuable lessons to help you move forward with confidence, avoiding previous pitfalls. We’re here to help. Here are three free webinars from years gone by. We hope they help you create the best 2017 possible. Continue reading

Resolve to Earn More in 2017 with These Top Webinars of 2016

SOTSA_Highlight_Blog_2631_1200x600.jpgEvery year the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar series has the honor of hosting some of real estate’s top professionals. In 2016 we had a great group of coaches and agents talking about everything from marketing luxury homes to finding listings in low inventory markets. You can check out all these great webinars for free at or review the highlights below. Continue reading

Tom Ferry Explains How Ambition and Innovation will Help You Create Your Best Year Ever

HDC_Tom_Frry_Blog_2630_1200x600.jpgAs a real-estate agent, your goal is to be as successful and productive as possible every year. You want this year, next year, and the year following to be your Best Year Ever (BYE), even if you don’t think about it in those exact terms. That’s why is challenging you to remove the ambiguity and make achieving your BYE 2017’s goal. In his recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, which you can view here in full, free of charge, Tom Ferry discussed what it takes to create your BYE. We’ve also gathered some of Ferry’s thoughts on the important roles of ambition and innovation in BYE-achievement, viewable below. Continue reading

10 Top Apps for 2017, Recommended by Top Agents

HDC_Top_Apps_2017_2608_1200x600There are literally millions of apps out there. Some of them may not be very useful (doesn’t mean they’re not fun), but others can reinvigorate your business and change the way you market, manage, and collaborate in real estate. Because nobody has time to comb through all the apps out there, we’ve asked some of real estate’s top agents and coaches for recommendations. Here is a list we pulled together of the best of those apps! Continue reading