Expense Tracking Apps to Prepare You for Next Year’s Tax Season

HDC_Tax_Tracking_Blog_1200x630As the 2016 tax season comes to an end, you become your own private investigator: searching every crevice, purse, drawer, or shoebox imaginable to find every last receipt or document needed to show proof of purchase for business expenses. That’s the burden of tax preparation: whether you own your own business or work as a self-employed employee (1099 filing status), you have to show proof of all your business expenses. Knowing what you can deduct and keeping track of these expenses throughout the year can take the hassle out of filing your taxes. Continue reading

Can You Deduct That? 7 Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions

HDC-Tax-Day-Blog-2435Most of the time being your own boss is amazing, but come April, it can be easy to start weighing the pros and cons of a salaried position. All those commissions and expenses you racked up over the year need to be gathered, tallied, and taxed. On the plus side, as a small business owner, you only pay taxes on your net income. So, check with your accountant to make sure you’re getting all your eligible deductions, but here are some examples to start you off. Continue reading