New Year, New Training Classes!

Starting in the next few weeks, Homes Connect will be offering a new series of training webinars. These monthly webinars will cover a number of instructional and beneficial topics concerning your Homes Connect product. The goals of the new webinar series will be to empower you as an agent to take control of your marketing and branding, all through maximizing your Homes Connect platform.

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Top Agents Unplugged: Getting the Most Out of Your Social Network

We’ve already provided you with the customer service and technology strategies highlighted during the Top Agents Unplugged discussion panel with Jimmy Mackin. This time around will be sharing the social media tactics used by Laurie Weston Davis and Linda Davis. As our final edition of Top Agents Unplugged, these two successful agents share what strategies have allowed them to use social media to connect with their clients and ultimately grow their business. Continue reading

Mastering The Art of Twitter in 4 Easy Ways

Are you on top of your Twitter game? If not, don’t worry because you’re not aloneSocial media has created an entirely new way of communicating with clients and prospects, but Twitter continues to go unused by real estate professionals simple because they just don’t get it.

Katie Lance, CEO and owner of Katie Lance Consulting, believes that Twitter is one of the primary ways to grow your business using social media. Lance, considered the Twitter expert of real estate, knows a thing or two about optimizing this social network to grow a business. Lance recently explained the basics of this “hashtagging” and “re-tweeting” network during’s Secret’s of Top Selling Agents Webinar, “#Awful @Twitter, Please Help!”. has consolidated these tips into a “how to” on mastering Twitter, so that you can start “tweeting” your way to success! Continue reading

How To Generate More Leads with Social Advertising

Social media is defined as “a website for social networking in which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.” But for marketing purposes, social networking has become much more than status updates and photo albums. Getting a message across to your audience is the main goal of marketing your business and what better place to reach them than on the social channels they use every day?

Social advertising allows real estate professionals to not only connect with clients and prospects, but to also gain exposure to their own family and friends. Jimmy Mackin, named one of the top 100 influential people in real estate for 2013, provides a “how to” on optimizing this valuable tool in his “Generating Leads with Social Advertising” presentation from NAR 2013! has highlighted the key points for each social network to help you make the most out of advertising on social media. Continue reading

Crowdsourcing: Tips and Tricks for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Recently, we shared how Pinterest is a great way for brokers to crowdsource their content, but this time around we want to explain how the other social Crowdsourcing-Tips and Tricks for Facebook Twitter and Instagramnetworks we use everyday can be just as helpful. Crowdsourcing is something that every broker should be doing as it allows a collective group of people to assist your marketing efforts by making it simple for prospective clients to find photos, seek advice and learn more about a listing or community from other homeowners in the area. Continue reading