#Awful@Twitter, Please Help Me! – Live #SecretsWebinars Twitter Chat!

Is Twitter not really your cup of tea? Want to learn how you can use it for your real estate business? Don’t worry Homes.com has you covered! We have enlisted the help of real estate’s most social savvy expert Katie Lance. Katie works with mid to large size brands in the technology and real estate industries, specializing in social media strategy and content development. On October 30, at 2:15 PM/EST Katie will be answering your questions LIVE on Twitter! Don’t miss this #SecretsWebinars LIVE Twitter chat with @KatieLance, where you’ll be learning from a Twitter guru on how to promote your business in 140 characters or less!

Already thinking of questions that you’d like to ask Katie? Feel free to comment your question below on this blog, be sure to give us your @Twitter handle so @HomesPro and @KatieLance can give you the answers you are looking for!

[eBook] Maximizing Your Online Reputation: A Playbook for Engaging with Consumers and Winning Their Business

Maximize your Online ReputationAre you making a strong first impression with homebuyers and sellers?  Are clients recommending you by word of mouth and word of mouse?  That’s right – word of mouse  –  recommendations, ratings and conversations about your brand’s reputation that take place online. And, the majority of consumers are selecting products and services based on a brand’s visibility and credibility online Take advantage of this opportunity to capture their attention, engage with them and convert them into customers.  Learn how by downloading this helpful guide, Maximizing Your Online Reputation: A Playbook for Engaging with Consumers and Winning Their Business.

As we pointed out in a recent blog, Brokers and Agents should be building their business  – it is crucial to get listed in business directories and interact with consumers through social media. Take a page out of this marketing playbook to enhance your brand’s performance online and get the play by play by on what it is, where to do it and how to maintain a winning Online Reputation to grow your business.  Download here!  Share it with your networks in other industries as this was written for all businesses – large and small, new and old.

Download our other FREE ebooks here!  LinkedIn, Pinterest, customize resources including our Home Buying Guide, Tailgate Fever, Red, White and BBQ Entertaining guide and more!


Social Media Size Dimension Infographic

There are so many social media profiles on which you can market your real estate business these days. From Facebook to Pinterest, the sky’s the limit on social media platforms. 

Photo sharing is such a big part of connecting via social media. As a real estate agent, this is really where you can capitalize on your marketing efforts because you can show images of your listings to all of your followers/friends (and, in some cases, their followers and friends). However, not all social media platforms are created equal; photos on Twitter aren’t pushed out at the same size as photos on Google+, for example. For the best photo quality, you’ve got to bend to the dimensions set by the site.  Continue reading

Homes Pro is Here for You! Same Place, New Name.

HomesPro – a New Name for Generating Business for Real Estate Professionals

Attention Real Estate Professionals: Homes.com’s social channels have a new name to better reflect our dedication to you: HomesPro (formerly Homes Connect)! So, if you haven’t noticed already, our HomesPro Facebook and Twitter pages have been updated accordingly and can be accessed at Facebook.com/HomesPro and @HomesPro.  Our service to you has not been interrupted and there’s no need to “re-like” or “re-follow” the HomesPro pages.  However, if you saved these sites as a “bookmark” or a “favorite,” please update with the above-referenced links.

HomesPro, the business-facing side of Homes.com, is a dedicated resource for real estate professionals providing industry-leading solutions to promote your business to over 11 million consumers each month. And have no fear, you can still interact with us here at HomesPro for chances to win prizes including cash and the latest technical gadgets!  So stay tuned to HomesPro for the latest news, marketing resources and upcoming contests!

Foursquare for Real Estate: Four Easy Steps to Get Your Real Estate Business on Foursquare

As a real estate professional, you know the importance of having a strong social message. You know that you most definitely should have a Facebook account and maybe even a Twitter account.  If you’re a little more advanced with social media, you may even have a Facebook business page. Having social channels for your business have become the status quo in real estate marketing today.  Foursquare is my suggestion for the next step to getting a leg up on the competition.  Foursquare started in 2008 and has been exploding in growth over the last couple of years, however some believe it is underused for business.

What exactly is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a free app that helps people make the most of where they are and share it in the cyber world with their friends! When you’re out and about, use Foursquare to ‘Check-in’ to places you visit. This app shows popular tips that were left about the place you check in at, by prior visitors. Continue reading